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Android 2.3 Gingerbread Might Hit LG Optimus One Come May

optimusone With many Android smartphones now languishing on Android 2.2 Froyo, albeit many not yet seeing the upgrade, some are looking forward to being upgraded to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and one such smartphone is the LG Optimus One.

LG have already stated the LG Optimus One would see the Android Gingerbread update but thus far haven’t let it be known when.

However according to an article over on Unwired View, and by way of Androidos, LG India have said on Facebook that the Optimus One should see the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update before May is out.

However, don’t let your hopes be set in stone as apparently that upgrade date to the LG Optimus One comes with the usual “subject to change” line attached

According to the article over on Androidos, LG says that the update will be available via the Android Market, something that as far as I’m aware isn’t possible; however the guys suggest that Android 2.3 Gingerbread may come via LG’s own update tool.

So there it is if it all holds true, LG Optimus One users can look forward to the end of May for grabbing a slice of Gingerbread for their device…now I wonder when Samsung will update my Samsung Galaxy S to Gingerbread?


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Samsung Galaxy S to get Android Gingerbread update


Android 2.3 Gingerbread software is coming to the Galaxy S smartphone later in March, according to reports.

Samsung Galaxy S smartphones will begin receiving updates to Android Gingerbread by the end of March.

Samsung Mobile’s official Facebook page in Romania has posted a message with some news about updates to the Galaxy S family of smartphones. As translated by My Daily Gadget, it explains, "The 2.2.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S will be available until 20 March and the Gingerbread update will roll out until the end of March." (Presumably, that is supposed to be ‘by’ the end of March, rather than ‘until’.) The posting also confirms that the cheaper Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 smartphones will get Android 2.2 Froyo update by the end of March too.

When Samsung took the wrappers off its Galaxy S II smartphone at Mobile World Congress in February, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread software was one of its key features.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Samsung Galaxy S in line for Android 2.3 Gingerbread update this month on CNET UK.


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Samsung Galaxy S to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread 20th of March

1300105268_w320_h317 Here’s a turn up for the books; the original Samsung Galaxy S will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. You know, the phone that took ages to get involved with Froyo after many many delays.

According to Samsung Romania’s Facebook page, upgrades will start rolling out on Sunday 20th of March til the end of the month.

The translation from the page reads: “Here are some news about the upcoming upgrades to your Android running smartphones. The 2.2.1 upgrade for the Galaxy S will be available until March 20 and the Gingerbread update will roll out until the end of March.”

This comes after news that HTC promised 2.3 upgrades for last year’s Desire and Desire HD Android phones. Galaxy S owners will be pleased to hear that they’re getting the same Gingerbread love and attention too.

We’ve contacted Samsung to find out when the Android 2.3 upgrade will be coming to the UK, and whether you’ll need to update via Samsung Kies or get the upgrade over the air; we’re waiting to hear back.


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Samsung Galaxy S To Get Gingerbread Update This Month

Samsung-Galaxy-S-Gingerbread-Update Samsung Galaxy S was surely one of the best sellers of the previous year and that was primarily due to the revolutionary Android OS. It released with Android 2.1 Eclair and has then got an update to the more recent Android 2.2 Froyo.

However, Google had released Android 2.3 Gingerbread by that time.  Samsung’s Romanian Facebook has said that Galaxy S will be getting the Gingerbread update by the end of the month.

Initially it will go through a minor update (2.2.1) in a weeks’ time and by the end of the month, Gingerbread will be available on the Galaxy S.

If Galaxy S belongs to the higher end model, then Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 are in the entry range. These phones too came out with Android 2.1 Eclair and have not yet got the Froyo update.

That is the reason Samsung has decided to release this update and Galaxy 5 will get the Froyo update in the next week ( Mar 14-20) while the Galaxy 3 users will have to wait a little longer till the end of the month.



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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread Release Date Announced

It looks like we will be talking in the future more and more about the Samsung Galaxy S because good things are heading towards Sammy’s smartphone. If back in December it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 update will, at some point, be released now its being rumored that the release date is scheduled for March.

Now, before you all jump in joy at the thought of snapping the Samsung Galaxy S with the Gingerbread OS on board, you must know that the Android 2.3 will most likely be available for the European version first. Sure, in good time, we will also have the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the US, though it looks like it would be a bit later than March.


At the moment we don’t have any more info regarding a definite Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread release date for the States, but let’s hope that it won’t take too long until it will be hitting the world wide web.

Those of you wanting the Samsung Galaxy S to receive a “vanilla” version of the 2.3 Gingerbread, may not get their wish granted because the manufacturer could be adding TouchWiz. However, nothing official has been announced on this matter but it’s an option people have to consider.

Still, that being said, it will all come to where you are currently living as the Samsung Galaxy S will get the Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a bigger or smaller time lag. For example, Italy is bringing the Android 2.2.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S while in the US we have the 2.2 Froyo OS on most of the carriers.

However, things will surely be moving along, though the manufacturer should definitely try to improve its update service so that less people will get headaches…yeah the Samsung Epic 4G owners know what i mean.

Kudos to SlashGear for bringing us the news about the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.3 Gingerbread release date.


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Official Gingerbread ROM for the Galaxy S now Unofficially Available

Samsung Galaxy S

Forget about the Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update!  How would you feel about a fresh serving of Gingerbread? We’ve heard for a while that Samsung’s Android team has been hard at work on their Gingerbread update for the Galaxy S line, but if you’re not in the mood to wait around for a long, long, long time (I can’t remember, is that how long we waited for the Froyo update?) for Samsung to roll out the update you can grab it yourself over on XDA-Developers.

According to Lorbas, the Gingerbread ROM for the Galaxy S comes directly from Samsung.  The build is skinned with TouchWiz 3 and has a functional Android Market, Swype, and even GPS.

As of now, the Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread build only works on the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (European version), but we may see developers port the ROM to the U.S. variants of the Galaxy S sometime soon.  To get a quick peek what Samsung’s Android 2.3.2 build on the Galaxy S looks like, be sure to check out the video below.


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Android Gingerbread 2.3.2 Now Available on Samsung Galaxy S

dfhnkfn Quite obviously, Galaxy S developers didn’t want to wait for Samsung to release a Gingerbread ROM. The forums recently got flooded with Gingerbread after XDA member Lorbas released a complete ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S, version number 2.3.2, coming straight from Samsung itself. It doesn’t work on custom kernels (yet), so that’s a thing to keep in mind when you’re planning to try this out.

Make sure to read the instructions first, you don’t want to end up with a useless brick. Continue on to the Galaxy S forums to find a Gingerbread ROM that fits your taste!


# begin build properties
# autogenerated by


It is a full ROM from Samsung, it is a beta build so don’t expect too much!

Only flashable through Odin/Heimdal

Pit File is 512 but it seems like 803 also works

nitr8 released a rooted and flashable JV1 also thanks to TrOjAnUK

Only recovery 2e available, no CWM.

This ROM will not work with any of the custom kernels available right now! Kernel sources will be published around the official (KIES) release of the first Gingerbread ROM by Samsung. No kernel developer can build a kernel for any Gingerbread ROM until then. thx MrBusiness

Functionality and issues:

bhola made and promoted (excessively) 2 videos (Tutorial & Quick look)

All bands seem to be enabled, thx Nausicaa647

Swype fix by nitr8 thx Rawat for implementing

There appear to be incompatibilities with apps, some apks (especially games) won’t work properly

TouchWiz 3 is installed (GameHub not included since it’s part of TW4 as stated by skiddhard)

Market does work

Recovery Mode is working, just release the buttons as soon as the Samsung Logo appears thx galaxoid

GPS works thx iammodo

The Kernel just supports ext4, out of the box it’s still rfs.

While browsing you may encounter "Kernel Panic"

Customization, root, modding:

Chainfire already rooted it

Daneshm90 enabled the lock animation use ADB to replace the framework.apk

[Ramad] Deodexed and Zipaligned apks of JV1

Stock Gingerbread Launcher thx Daneshm90

Rawat also made alternative Icons

(thx theduckking)

SGS running android 2.3 —

How to install Android 2.3.2:…-s-leaked-rom/ (thx itskapil)


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Gingerbread (Android 2.3.2) leaked for the Galaxy S i9000

Gingerbread (the Android 2.3.2 version) has been leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.  Users at XDA Developers are saying that it includes Touchwiz 4, and download mode is still available.  It also looks like Samsung is now using the ext4 file system, which should bring performance boosts much like the ones on the Nexus S.


Not every Galaxy S user around the globe even has Froyo yet — but Samsung’s ready to move on, it seems, crafting a ROM based on Android 2.3.2 (in other words, quite recently) for the i9000 model that just leaked across the giant faucet better known as the internet. The darned thing is nearly a quarter gigabyte in size, so Samsung’s not playing here, but users haven’t fleshed out everything that’s changed just yet. Of course, if you’re using one of the millions of Galaxy S devices that aren’t an i9000, you’ve got more waiting to do… but we’re certain hackers are already well underway tearing this bad boy apart and crafting custom ROMs for various SKUs. Hang tight! [XDA-Developers]

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