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Rom Manager Android Review

icon ROM Manager allows you to manage your ROMs via a handy UI. Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android! Install your favorite ROMs over the air! The application is for Android phones that are already rooted, or for those who want to root. Unlike DroidMod, the ROM Manager applications supports almost all the existing alternate ROM families in one great application. Additionally, it supports the new Clockwork Mod backup and recovery method, as opposed to the SPRecovery method (nandroid) which was previously the accepted method of doing this task. SPRecovery and nandroid are still there, but they’re depricated and used mainly to restore old backups. My impression is that the Clockwork Mod backup is much more complete and more likely to give you an exact restore and it’s starting to be accepted as the default backup method. And it is significantly easier to do a backup with it. In fact, not only painless, but brain dead as well. No thought needed there. Just choose and it is done. Nice!

Recent changes:
Chinese traditional updates and fixes.
Update PayPal pricing to match Amazon and Google pricing per their developer market agreements.

User Review

By Jay

Really like this option. Downloads are relatively quick, and ROM selection is vast. Lithium Mod NG v0.0.5 has worked like a dream for me! Thanks!
By Jeremy

If a rom does not meet ur expectations do not rate this WONDERFUL app poorly! Rate the APP not the roms! Idiots

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The ROM Manager comes in two versions: a free and a Premium version. The free version will do the backups and can also see and use any ROM images that you have manually loaded to the SDCard. The Premium version of ROM Manager has the full list of ROM Downloads available and full OTA update support, direct to your device. This is for all ROM images, as well as kernels, and a variety of programs and facilities for root users. To my mind, it is well worth the $4 cost. As you can see from the two screenshots above, the functionality is quite impressive. I had a couple of apps that were not operating as I expected they should (after a LOT of hacking around in the \sys and \system\apps of the root) and all that was completely and painlessly resolved with the “Fix Permissions” option shown on screen 2 above.


ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over 600000 downloads and counting!)
* Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
* Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!
Premium Version:
* Premium ROMs
* Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
* Automatic backups
* Install from QR Code
* Web Connect
* Support


  • Easy to use interface, very user friendly.
  • The ability to download roms straight from the app without a computer.
  • (Premium Feature) Notifications for rom updates. *Great when flashing nightlies


  • Though the UI is easy to use, its very plain. I would like to see some icons for each section or alternate colors.

Why does ROM Manager ask for account permissions?
Web Connect only needs to access your Google account to connect it to your google account. It can’t any private data or passwords.
Droid users: Stuck at the "M" logo? Flash an alternate recovery and flash back to ClockworkMod.
HTC Users: Flash recovery not working? Try fastbooting a recovery on.
Droid X/2/Pro Users: You must run the Bootstrap application first to use ROM Manager.
Samsung users: You must flash a Clockwork compatible kernel first

You can download ROM Manager from the Market. As always, You take full responsibility for anything you load to your device that is outside of an official update. Make sure you do your homework and especially make sure you have a back-out plan, just in case.


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Thrutu Android Review

It’s amazing that when you are on the phone to someone, your beloved mobile changes from a high-end multi-tasking portable device to something that barely makes phone calls.

It’s hard enough getting the touchpad up when you have the phone glued to your ear. And don’t get us started on sending anything while you are speaking to someone on the other end.

Thrutu knows your pain and has created a great little app that allows you to use your mobile as a smartphone while on the phone. Crazy, we know.

Thrutu brings new fun and function to the phone call. Share location, contacts, photos and more – all at the touch of a button. It’s so simple that you’ll wonder why phone calls couldn’t always work this way. Thrutu comes with five different buttons, each a fun and easy way to share information and media during a conversation. In the future, Thrutu will offer additional buttons such as social gaming, event planning or the ability to connect instantly via favorite social media channels. The potential for new sharing capabilities is limitless.

Pros & Cons:


  • Conveniently share contacts, photos, camera, and location with the person you’re talking to on the same call


  • Requires both parties to have the app to use the features
  • Not the apps fault but requires voice and data at the same time; sorry Verizon (3G) & Sprint (3G) folks :P

Features & Usefulness:

Thrutu is a convient way to share contacts, photos, camera, and location while on a call. Provided the other party has the app sharing things is a breeze. Say you’re on the phone with your loved ones and want to share a picture of your kids, this app makes it easy to share the photo (there’s no options to save shared photo however they’re saved to “Downloads” section of SD card automatically). By far the best feature is sharing contacts, as we know default Android does not make it easy to simply share a phone contact. Although many of this apps’ features can be done while on a call in combination of default Android and a few other apps, Thrutu makes it readily available and they are onto something really cool here.

U.S. carriers with CDMA bands such as Verizon (3G) and Sprint (3G) customers won’t be able to use the app due their lack of voice and data capabilities at the same time. Please note: Sprint 4G customers CAN use the app when on 4G. However with 4G LTE I was told by Verizon COO, Lowell McAdam, that application developers will be able to deliver data apps during voice calls… so you’ll have to wait for that market saturation.

  • Location: callers can see each other’s position update live on a map.
  • Camera: snap and share a photo during a call
  • Gallery: select and share a photo from those already stored on the phone.
  • Contacts: share contact details that will appear instantly in the other caller’s address book.
  • Prod: for the first time, you can convey touch in a phone call! Playfully poke the other person by causing their phone to vibrate during the call.

Ease of Use & Interface:

You plus the calling party need the app, which you can easily invite phone contacts to download it! Once on the call, there is a floating menu to the right, slide it open and you have the options to share location on Google Maps, share photos from camera or phone’s gallery, plus one-click contacts sharing, and poke (vibrate other callers phone… please don’t abuse it as it can be annoying)!

Frequently Used:

Once installed Thrutu will detect on every call whether the other party can Thrutu back or give options to invite them if they do not.


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Bonsai Blast Android Review

icon Do you have an Android based phone?  Do you like Zuma?  Do you not want to pay anything for a game? Bonsai Blast on the Android mobile platform is a major rip-off of Zuma and the many games like it, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Unlike a lot of the casual games out there that have a tendency to just barebones it all, this one actually is very well made and the fact that it is free (there are ads that run on menu and load screens) is just the icing on the cake.  I guess you could just stop reading now knowing it’s free and good. Experience the Zen of gaming nirvana with this addictive puzzle game. Shoot marbles to match 3 or more and create combos to cause a chain reaction. Advanced features include using walls to ricochet marbles, chutes to guide marbles down winding paths, and swapping shooter locations with a single touch. Bonsai Blast combines simple game play, intuitive touch screen controls, and a beautiful “Zen garden” theme to deliver 90 levels of pure marble blasting bliss. This is one game you won’t be able to put down!

User Review:

By Todd

How many times do I have to complete Evening 24 before I get a Congratulations or at least a "Yeah, you’re done?!"

By Razz

Awesome for sure on hero.. kinda touchy on shooting .. but really fun .. beat the game and wish for more levels

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Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Simple, addictive gameplay

Areas for improvement:

  • More variety in level design
  • Multiplayer
  • A bit of a battery hog, like most games are

The first of these enhancements to grab your attention is the look of the game – it really is quite gorgeous in places. Bonsai Blast doesn’t throw around complex 3D or spectacular lighting effects, but it does make use of the G1‘s large, sharp screen in a beautifully restrained manner. The map-like level select screen is a fine example, rendered as if it were painted on parchment by some ancient Japanese calligrapher.

Fun Factor:

Bonsai Blast is one of the few fun games on the Android App Market. It engages you in the mystical Zen garden worlds as you try the stop the marbles from reaching the end.

Video below will demonstrate game in greater detail:


Bonsai Blast features 2 modes: Adventure and Survival. Adventure takes you through over 90 levels of Bonsai Blasting. At higher levels, you can bounce marbles of walls to score connection combos. Survival is a barrage of infinite marbles stacking up, try to see how long you can last! Bonsai Blast has all sorts of hidden features as well such as; in-game hints, shooting treasure chests reveals extra points, and there’s even strategies to gain extra points with the combos.

The other obvious feature is the touchscreen implementation. Rather than using a directional pad or joystick to aim your marbles you simply touch in the appropriate direction. Now this can take some getting used to, as the nature of the game dictates a level of accuracy that my hardened gamers-thumb struggled to match at first. It is workable, though, and you will find yourself adapting before too long. It also helps that you’re not directly punished for ‘missing’ a shot.

The Android platform’s accelerometer feature is not forgotten either, which will either be good or bad news to you, depending on whether you enjoy twitching like a loon and scaring your fellow public transport users on the daily commute. Here it’s used on some of Bonsai Blast’s varied power-ups, such as a cloud of play-freezing Darkness that needs shaking away. A well implemented vibration informs you when you’ve achieved the task, sparing you from unnecessary flapping.

There are a few technical issues, with our G1 unit struggling a little during some of the more intensive passages of play, such as when the screen was full of marbles or – in particular – when we fired off a stream of fire marbles to whittle down the line. In the case of the latter, the action slowed to a crawl as our handset strained to cope with the pyrotechnics. We would expect the relatively modest demands of Bonsai Blast to be well within the capabilities of the well-specced G1, which might suggest a slightly rushed release on Glu’s part.


This Android game is definitely addictive especially when playing the Survival mode, as the marbles are non-stop and your goal is to prevent them from reaching the end.


The graphics are basically what you would expect from a game like this.  It is nice and colorful with a good amount of detail, but nothing that will wow anyone.  They are all you need for a game like this so I won’t fault it for it (and it’s far from ugly).  The sounds and music are the same story as well.  We aren’t playing for these, but they are nothing to scoff at. Glu Mobile has made sure the graphics in Bonsai Blast and other Android games are superb. The colors are bold and bright, effects are cool and the worlds they create are vibrant yet Zen like.

Control, Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

Bonsai Blast doesn’t use the built in accelerometer but control, vibration and sound qualities are superior. You simply tapp the screen where you want the marble to shoot and it fires; really accurate and responsive.


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Power Manager Android Review


Power Manager Android App adds NEW power settings to the phone (e.g. screen timeout during a call, etc.) and allows you to quickly view and change other phone settings depending on different conditions (e.g. low battery). Have you had to rue the battery life of your Android based smart phone because it never lasts a full day? If so, it is high time you must have had Power Manager in your mobile phone. As the term suggests, Power Manager apps for Android lets users manage the power settings, according to the current power level, thereby ensuring maximum life/charge out of the mobile.

User Review:

By Charles

This app is great,dont let anyone tell you otherwise! I get notified when power manager is running, fantastic, saves battery life! HTC Desire. Chunk
By Sun

get da paid version, its worth it!! I’ve had for 2yrs, it saves, it alerts, & it helps! ALOT!! u gt wht u pay for, ppl always want "everythg" 4 nothin

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Power Manager Android App features many ways to save battery juice for your Android phone.  It comes with pre-configured “Profiles” or you can customize your own. Profiles are power settings based on phone usage or events. For example, “Low Power” profile will dim the screen and turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS locations for you automatically. In customizing your own Profiles, you can set events with “Triggers” such as Battery, A/C, USB powered, etc.

How Power Manager Apps works?

The Power Manager Apps for Android combines a visual panel with the currently running power hogging applications that is enabled in the phone, wherein control over these aspects is managed using preset conditions, such that the user can always keep tab of where he is leaking power. Pressing the Monitor Active button let the app manage the settings for the user.

The users can also manage the settings manually. That is, by varying the four settings under the control panel – A/C powered, Low battery. Browsing mode, and Battery powered – users can toggle between battery life and performance, turn low battery settings on, turn max performance setting on, and turn computer powered performance on respectively as required. Each of these will toggle on/off the options in the control panel corresponding to that setting. The reset button resets the settings to its default.
Also, users can directly switch off the desired features from the control panel. Power Manager Android Apps also enables users to have automatic presets for each profile in the phone.

Here are the options and their functions if the users were to manage power manually,

  • Battery Powered – Dims the screen, alongside disabling the locations.
  • Low Battery – Dims the screen and turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and locations.
  • A/C Powered – Brighten screen and enable WiFi locations.
  • Computer Powered – Ability to set specialized settings.
  • Browsing Mode – Keep the Android awake while the keyboard is open, plus enable WiFi and locations.
  • Initial Settings – Restore the original settings. I.e. the settings as it were when this Power Manager app was first installed in the phone.


Most useful for the poor battery life of the T-Mobile G1. G1 users are haunted with the battery life woes and Power Manager Android App can alleviate some of that pain by managing unnecessary power usage automatically.

Ease of Use:

It couldn’t get any simpler to use, simply download the app and it runs in the background. The predefined Profiles start working immediately based on what power setting you’re running. Setting up Profiles are pretty intuitive; simply tapp the power settings you desire based on Triggers.

Frequently Used:

Intended for use as long as your Android phone is powered on.


The user interface is simple and easy to use. Plus you can easily toggle Profiles or settings in a few tapps.

Overall, Power Manager is a much needed app for Android smart phones, especially if one uses the phone heavily for official/personal work throughout the day. At $0.99, it is only priced very reasonably, especially given the features the Android application brings to the users.

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AppBrain App Market Android Review

icon We are constantly searching for the perfect apps for our Android smartphones. Browsing through thousands of applications in the Android Market to locate the appropriate app is not an easy task. Fortunately, you have a free Android application named AppBrain App Market that will help you to discover the finest applications in the Android Market.

User Review:

By Summer
I love looking at all the apps. There are some good and some bazaar. Keep’em coming. Thanks. Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S.
By Sam
Thanks for removing access to account permissions and making the appbrain review pages optional! Reinstalled.

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Pros & Cons:


  • Manage and sync Android App installs and removals via the Web or phone


  • Would be cool if you could completely control installs via the Web for free apps


Best way to find new apps on Android.

Make the Android market usable, and find your next favorite app, live wallpaper or widget:
– App recommendations
– Hot apps of the day
– Find apps with a price drop
– Share apps (eg twitter/facebook)
– Browse on and install apps with a sync instead of barcode scanner

Current hot apps of the day in the market:

1. MapQuest
2. NIght Vision Cam
3. Phonebook 2.0
4. XDA Developers
5. Network Info II
AppBrain is the best way to discover great apps in the Android market and to manage your apps.

Manage apps features:

– Quick uninstall
– Fast sync widget to access AppBrain from the desktop
– app2sd functionality to move apps to sd (app 2 sd)

Discover apps in the Android market:

– sort by hot apps today, hot apps this week, highest rated apps, price drops etc
– Filter apps by free apps, paid apps, price reduced apps, app2sd enabled apps
– Fast search over the entire Android market

AppBrain Market Sync Android app is the mobile counterpart to, an Android Market view website that allows you to Search and Sync apps from the Web to your Android phone and vice versa! has statistics on your apps downloaded including costs, free vs paid percentage, total storage size, plus a breakdown in categories. You can share your app list publicly or keep it private. You can even uninstall apps from via their website. See Android developer download stats and who’s producing the most downloads, highest ratings, and total apps available in the Market.


This app is extremely useful! Many users like to research apps while on their computers then download them. Manage your Android apps via the Web then have the sync app execute tasks while on the go.

Ease of Use:

Signup using your Google account and download the AppBrain Market Sync Android app on your phone. After all that first time stuff is taken care of search their website for apps you want to download. When you’re done placing your apps in queue to download, launch the AppBrain Market Sync app to download and install the apps from the Android Market. If you placed Paid apps in the queue you will have to complete the checkout on the phone before downloading.

With AppBrain App Market, you can easily find your favorite app, widget and wallpaper in the Android Market. It recommends apps and offers hot apps of the day. You can find apps based on price. You can even share the apps with your friends on social network sites.

Overall, this app has a lot of features that the Android Market does not currently have that enhances the app browsing and sharing experience. At the time of this review the AppBrain App Market Android App is free.A Thumbs Up.

Words With Friends Android Review

Words With Friends. The #1 mobile word game Words With Friends Free is now available on Android. Play Words With Friends Free, the #1 mobile word game, with both your Android and iPhone/iPad-toting friends. Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.


We have some great news for you Scrabble lovers out there! Words With Friends, the insanely popular iOS game created by Zynga, has finally come to Android, after months and months of excruciating waiting.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Words With Friends is one of the most addictive games on the market today. It’s well made, and allows you to play with your Iphone friends too.

As of about one day now, it is finally available for all to try. There are some user reports of a few bugs being present, but they are forgivable. Check the link out below for the developer’s site, and the link to the Android Market.

Being that it is cross platform means you can play up to 20 simultaneous games and dominate your iOS friends, all at the same time. Additional features include In-game chat and push notifications will keep you addicted, no doubt. We’ve already played a demo of it on the Xoom, and it looked and felt amazing. Should be good on your Android smartphone too, so fire it up, and get ready for some serious brain flexing!

Pros & Cons:


  • Highly anticipated and super fun Scrabble game
  • Play random boards or opponents or invite your friends
  • Features a Chat


  • Very glitchy, sometimes showing combined screens if playing more than one opponent :mad:
  • Notifications system needs work
  • Has very intrusive ad screen and offers no paid version (yet) to get rid of them

The game-play itself is fairly straight-forward: move letter tiles onto spaces on a board in such a way that they are 1) all in line2) touching an existing word on at least one edge of one tile3) forming a non-proper word anywhere tiles are touching.
Your points, based on a number displayed on each tile, are a sum of all the points on all the tiles contained in any new words that were created by the placement of your tiles and any modifiers.  The board is set up pretty much like Scrabble.  You have to start in the very middle, and there are spaces on the board that multiply the point value of either a single letter tile or an entire word.  The trick to the game (aside from knowing a lot of words and how to spell them) is to take as much advantage of these multiplier spaces as possible, and to prevent your opponent from doing likewise.  Everybody knows how to play Scrabble, but it’s not like you see a lot of people whipping it out on the subway or when they’re supposed to be paying attention in business meetings.
The beauty of the game lies in the way it connects opponents.  You can play anyone else on the network (one of the results of Zynga acquiring the game from Newtoy is that now Android users can now play with iPhone users and vice-versa) if you know their user name or can search by email address.  Scrabble-type games existed before this, but WWF cuts through the submenus and options clutter to push you and your opponent’s moves quickly.  You can have multiple games going at once with one or several opponents, committing all your tiles for your turn and getting the phone back in your pocket with a minimum of effort.  All plays are checked against the on-board library, so there’s none of the social engineering that makes Scrabble fun for budding con-artists, and you can keep shuffling tiles around and submitting them until the library finally accepts one and sends it.
Personally, my only complaints about the game are the fact that no player stats are available and your game history is limited, and that there is no penalty for bombarding the library until you blindly come up with a word like “glime”.  There is no solitaire version, although you can set it to pass-and-play, in which you take turns with an opponent using the same phone (great for fast play, and to make sure your opponent isn’t looking things up).  There are tons of cheat sites and apps available for people to suddenly seem brilliant at Scrabble, but there is no way to prevent that other than choosing better friends.
The game comes in free version supported by ads, and an ad-free pay version ($3.99).  The ads come after your turn, and the game is certainly enjoyable even with the inconvenience of advertising, but I do prefer the uncluttered pay version.


Words With Friends is Zynga, creators of uber popular Farmville and the likes on Facebook, brings much anticipated iOS crossover game initially demoed on Motorola XOOM tablet. Right off I must admit it disappoints expectations as it is very glitchy, meaning if you are playing more than one opponent words on the game board mixes totally throwing you off… here’s an example. Another popular game like this which does a much better job is Wordfeud. Unlike this game Words With Friends is missing handy feature to “Shuffle” the words which tend to jog recognition of possible word combinations (you have to shuffle yourself).

Fun Factor & Addictive:

Aside of the gripes, online multi-player Scrabble-like games like this are hugely successful and addictive. You can play at your own pace, even set notifications to alert you when it’s your turn (but the feature could use some work). You can play random boards even against random players, or invite your friends from your contacts list. Even play friends on iPhone and iPad!

How to Play Words With Friends:Words-with-Friends

Just like Scrabble you’re presented with letters to make words on the game board. The best strategy is to spell words that result in high scores taking advantage of Double Letter (DL), Double Word (DW), Triple Letter (TL), and Triple Word (TW) squares. The blank space is a bonus piece, when you lay it down you have the option to choose any letter. Tip: Double-tap the game board to zoom in and out.

Game Board Legend:

  • DL = Double Letter
  • DW = Double Word
  • TL = Triple Letter
  • TW = Triple Word
  • Blank Space Bonus = Free Letter Choice

The graphics for this game are crisp and easy on the eyes, Zynga did a good job on this as it beats out a lot of other scrabble games with the look and feel. Things took a turn for the worse when they changed the rules of scrabble, they also have changed the board around making it bigger and all of the bonus tiles have been scrambled. A couple other rule changes you should know as well, the first play doesn’t get a double score, in words with friends you have unlimited attempts at making a word.

So with all the rules changed and the board changed, for scrabble lovers its kind of an insult. Some other features good, bad and indifferent:

Nice to be able to invite your contacts list to a game.

No leaderboard, no records, no scores. 

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Raging Thunder 2 Android Review

icon If you like racing, and like 3d accelerometer games, this is one of the best games out there for Android Users Everywhere!  Because of the visuals of this game, it will download 20MB to your SD card the first time you play it to conserve time and playability.   The graphics really look like console style and quality graphics, but this is all on your phone! Raging Thunder 2. Buckle up Take on the most adrenaline pumping 3D street racer ever on a handheld platform. Raging Thunder features stunning console quality graphics. To conserve file space on your device, ~20MB of data will be downloaded and stored on your SD card at first launch.

Pros & Cons:


  • Awesome 3D accelerometer racing game… best thus far!
  • Multi-player online racing
  • Very fun, challenging and addictive
  • Amazing graphics, sound and smooth game play
  • Competitive AI drivers


  • Free version stores 20MB in phones internal memory storage (Paid version highly recommended)
  • Shouldn’t be played on lower-end or less powerful Android phones

User Review:

By Mike

This runs great on my incredible. So much fun. Especially the online multiplayer mode. Great controls. Destroys battery but what do you expect.
By Ryo

I love it just like the best game i have raging thunder one and its so good and how do you pick a road

Read more comments on the market


Raging Thunder 2 is the sequel from Raging Thunder 3D racer car game for Android by Polarbits AB. This version is far more intensive, faster and showcases superior 3D game play capabilities and graphics for Android phones! Use the accelerometer to control your vehicle in racking up bonuses, dodging other obstacles and drivers while causing them mayhem in the fastest time possible to win the race. The game features single play with Time Attack, Survival, Career Mode, Instant Race or Arcade; plus online multi-player modes.

  • Everything is in 3D.  One of the very best looking 3D games out for Android phones
  • Takes 20mb of space on your SD card
  • There is a multi-player online racing mode where you can either play against friends or complete strangers
  • Smooth gameplay and an impressive soundtrack to enjoy while you are racing
  • The AI opponents are actually pretty skilled and you will be challenged to beat them in the highest difficulty levels
  • There are a variety of single player modes such as Time Attack, Arcade, Instant Race, Survival, and Career Mode
  • Rack up bonuses and dodge obstacles in order to get the fastest time
  • Use the sensitive accelerometer to master the game and come out victorious

Video: Raging Thunder 2

Fun Factor & Addictive:

Raging Thunder 2 is extremely fun, challenging and addictive. The computer drivers are in it to win it too and don’t take you lightly as they’re quick to knock your car out of control to gain edge.


The graphics are amazing! This is a level of quality in gaming on Android we’ve been waiting for. Superior 3D quality as compared to iPhone, comparable to PlayStation 2 graphics.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The core of the game is driven by the accelerometer, has fast-paced background music with sound effects and vibration on crashes and spin outs.

This game is a WOW game for the Android phone market and you might as well download the free trial version to see what we are talking about.  This game is tops for 3d accelerometer games!  We are not joking!  i have been playing it for the last hour and it just amazes me that a game that looks this good can work on my phone without any problems!  It really is amazing and fun to be able to share these types of games with people and show people what the Android can do.



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PrankDial Android app Review


PrankDial for Android allows you to prank call your friends no matter where you are. US only. Features: library of hilarious prank calls, record the prank call, easily share your prank call with friends, login with your token ID.

Recent changes:
– International calling support added for token users
– Listen to pranks from our user submitted pranks database

Pros & Cons:


  • Bust-a-gut hilarious fun


  • Can’t hear the prank call in real-time, listen to it after
  • Can’t record your own prank

User Review

By Tia

Awesome…love it when someone actually keeps listening. We got my mother in law pretty good
By Luis

Its fun but need more realistic voices to really get them going . Maybe one of someone getting fired. Lol

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PrankDial for Android is a drop-and-roll-on-the-floor funny app that allows you to call people with preset prank call recordings, change your Caller ID, record the prank call, download and save the call to SD Card for jiggles later and provide link online to the audio. Browse through the library and listen to pranks by type; New, Popular, Annoying/Funny, Conservators, Songs and TV/Movies. Share the prank call on Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz and Twitter.

If you sign up for an account it makes saving and accessing good pranks online later a breeze. If you’re the jokester among your friends, this app will easily make you want to purchase additional tokens. Initially you get 5 free tokens (or calls), each day you earn 2 free tokens, plus you can earn more tokens by giving up your email addy to receive promotional info or by posting on Twitter.

Once you enter the persons number you’re going to prank or choose from your contacts list, then enter any number for Caller ID or again choose from contacts list, be sure to tap the “Record” button, and hit Send. Gripe: you cannot hear the prank call as it’s going on, but wait until the call is over then you’ll be presented with a Playback, Download audio and URL to listen to online.

If you’re the type without a funny bone and hate getting pranked by this app, they have a feature to put yourself on the Block list.

  • This comedy app allows you to go ahead an pick what friends you want to prank no matter where you may be
  • This app has a few really cool features, including the ability to choose from a library of a bunch of different prank calls.  You can have a gay telemarketer call your friend, someone that has lost their paper, and much more
  • Once you have decided who you want to prank you simple enter in the contact number and then press record so that your call is recorded and you can listen to it once the prank has happened
  • If the prank turns out to be a big success then you can actually share your prank with your other friends and family and all laugh at your friend’s expense
  • You can login to your account with a token ID so you get access to even more features
  • You can change your caller ID so that your friend has no idea that it is you that is doing the prank to them
  • You can sort through the pranks by choosing either the popular ones, the new ones, the annoying ones, the songs and movies ones, and many more
  • This app is integrated with social networking sites so you can share it through Twitter or Facebook


This is a funny app that you can use to prank all of your best friends.  It actually does a great job of completing the pranks.  You will simply give the contact number and then record the call and then the app will prank your friends.  There is one main problem with the app though, you can’t actually listen to the prank as it is going on.  You have to wait until the prank is over for you to be able to go to the playback and be able to hear what went down when the app called your friend.  Also, if you are the one getting pranked you can’t actually record the call.  Other than these little things though, it is a pretty funny app and you can have some real fun with it.

This app was given a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and can initially be downloaded for free but then you can pay money to get more and more tokens to do more prank calls.

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