htc-sense Do you live somewhere that doesn’t show up on weather apps or widgets? Do you wish there was some way to make your town show up? Well XDA forum member Hotrod68 has come up with a way to do this for HTC Sense on his EVO 4G.

After much searching with no results I finally came up with a way to add locations to the HTC Sense weather database. If this has been posted before sorry for the redundant post but did I could not find this anywhere and thought it might help some people. The file to edit is located in the phone at /data/data/ To get the file you need root and Root Explorer from the market or QtADB ( which make moving the file from phone to PC and back very easy. With Root Explorer copy the WP_0409WWE.db file to the Sdcard and then you can copy it to your computer for editing. I use QtADB to move files. Just plug the phone in leave it on charge only QtADB will bring up a phone and PC directory side by side and you can migrate to the file and drag it to the a directory on the computer. To edit the database you can use a free SQLite Database Browser. I can’t post links yet so a Google search will find the program. Open the WP_0409WWE.db file in the editor click the Browse Data tab and under the Table drop down list choose locationlist. At the bottom of the page click the forward arrow until you reach the end of the file and scroll to the bottom of the list. Click new record at the upper right and a new line will appear at the bottom of the list. To get your city information, it is in Accuweather format, just go to the website put your city in and the info will be in the browser bar. I have found the world search in Accuweather retrieves the info in a format the database likes. You can check the other listings in the database to get an idea of the info that is needed and how it is formatted for you custom locations. To edit the database cells with SQLite editor double click on a cell and an editing window will pop up. Click in the window; input your info and click apply changes at the bottom of the window. Once you are satisfied with your edits, save the file and replace the one in the phone with your new file. This is where QtADB makes copying file easy, just drag and drop form one window to another and you’re done. Reboot your phone and enjoy you new locations.


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