images First to take two and a third bites from Google’s Gingerbread Android OS 2.3 is Vodafone, who is launching the Google/Samsung Nexus S from the 9th of March, a few weeks before it launches Sony’s Xperia arc which also comes with the same OS sweetness.

Although Google and Samsung launched the Android OS 2.3-powered Nexus S smarGoogle’s Gingerbread Android OS 2.tphone late last year, with Google’s Australian employees the first to truly get the Nexus S down under, it has taken a little while for a local telco to bring it to Australian retail stores.
That telco is the somewhat troubled Vodafone, who despite the well-publicised network issues has still been able to use its global clout to secure smart technologies, from the Nexus S smartphone to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Android OS 3.0-powered Honeycomb tablet.
Vodafone will be offering the Nexus S to existing customers from the 9th of March, and will then make the handset generally available to the public from the 16th of March, and naturally it will do so on a range of 12 and 24 month plans.
Equipped with the very slight “arc” of a “contour” display, as opposed to the “arc” on the back of the Sony Xperia arc, the phone has a 4-inch display which is 0.2-inches smaller than the Xperia, although that probably won’t make that much difference to end-users.
Indeed, it is the Xperia arc that is the biggest competitor to the Nexus S, featuring an 8.1 megapixel camera with Sony’s “Cybershot” DNA within, while Samsung’s Nexus S features a 5 megapixel camera instead.
Although Sony has happily promised to promptly deliver Android OS updates, unlike most of its competitors, the Samsung/Google Nexus S should, in theory, see zero delays to OS updates as it is “Google’s” official
Android OS 2.3 smartphone, with choosing between the Sony and Samsung sure to be an angst-laden decision for anyone that wants the latest Google-powered smartphone.
On top of that is the issue of more phones due later this year which will feature dual-core processing technologies, which neither the Nexus S nor the Xperia arc contain – do you buy right now, or do you wait for a future model – or even simply wait for the iPhone 5 instead?
Decisions, decisions… although if you want Google’s latest smartphone NOW… well… the Nexus S will be it, and unless you’ve already imported one from overseas, it will be either today for existing Vodafone customers or in another week for anyone brave enough to switch to Vodafone, instead of away from it.

As Vodafone promotes in its media release, the Nexus S has a 1GHz Samsung processor, a 4-inch “Super Clear LCD Contour Display” at WVGA 48×800 resolution with anti-stain and anti-fingerprint technology.

There’s 16GB of storage within, too, along with all of Google’s apps and maps, and unlike Apple with its iPhone 4, the Nexus S will be available in black or white from day one.
Naturally, Samsung’s local VP of telecommunications, Tyler McGee, was pleased by the development.
He stated that: “We are excited to be bringing the Nexus S, the first Samsung-Google co-developed device, to market with Vodafone in Australia.
“This partnership gives Vodafone customers access to the most innovative hardware solutions from Samsung coupled with the pure Google experience of Android 2.3. The Nexus S brings Vodafone users the latest mobile technology and faster multimedia content with an intuitive experience”, he concluded.
Full pricing is available
to view here, with Vodafone’s pricing plan table reproduced below. Source: itwire


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