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HopDice for Android

hd2 (xda News)If you like puzzle games, this may be of your liking. XDA member dmarcato presents HopDice for Android devices, inspired by “enDice” from Ozzie Mercado. Solve each puzzle by moving the dice in the holes, many levels to try are available on this first beta version to keep your mind busy. Featuring light and clear interface, 31 game levels, background music, sound effects and different kind of dices, just to mention some. The game can be found for free on the market.
The developer is open to suggestions, so your feedback is much appreciated.

Originally posted by dmarcato
HopDice is a puzzle dice game where you have to move the dice into each hole using all moves available (which are indicated by the dots amount).
There are several kind of dice and levels that will keep your mind busy for a lot of time!

– Light and clear interface
– 31 levels (more coming soon)
– Nice background music and sound effects
– Different kind of dice, currently there are 4, but other are coming!
– OpenFeint integration, submit your score online to challenge other players around the world and unlock achievements!
– Hours of entertainment!

Coming soon:
– Medium and Hard level sets
– Extra online sets, also with daily levels!
– New kind of dice
– Graphics themes
– Level editor: create and share your own level!



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Words With Friends Android Review

Words With Friends. The #1 mobile word game Words With Friends Free is now available on Android. Play Words With Friends Free, the #1 mobile word game, with both your Android and iPhone/iPad-toting friends. Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.


We have some great news for you Scrabble lovers out there! Words With Friends, the insanely popular iOS game created by Zynga, has finally come to Android, after months and months of excruciating waiting.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Words With Friends is one of the most addictive games on the market today. It’s well made, and allows you to play with your Iphone friends too.

As of about one day now, it is finally available for all to try. There are some user reports of a few bugs being present, but they are forgivable. Check the link out below for the developer’s site, and the link to the Android Market.

Being that it is cross platform means you can play up to 20 simultaneous games and dominate your iOS friends, all at the same time. Additional features include In-game chat and push notifications will keep you addicted, no doubt. We’ve already played a demo of it on the Xoom, and it looked and felt amazing. Should be good on your Android smartphone too, so fire it up, and get ready for some serious brain flexing!

Pros & Cons:


  • Highly anticipated and super fun Scrabble game
  • Play random boards or opponents or invite your friends
  • Features a Chat


  • Very glitchy, sometimes showing combined screens if playing more than one opponent :mad:
  • Notifications system needs work
  • Has very intrusive ad screen and offers no paid version (yet) to get rid of them

The game-play itself is fairly straight-forward: move letter tiles onto spaces on a board in such a way that they are 1) all in line2) touching an existing word on at least one edge of one tile3) forming a non-proper word anywhere tiles are touching.
Your points, based on a number displayed on each tile, are a sum of all the points on all the tiles contained in any new words that were created by the placement of your tiles and any modifiers.  The board is set up pretty much like Scrabble.  You have to start in the very middle, and there are spaces on the board that multiply the point value of either a single letter tile or an entire word.  The trick to the game (aside from knowing a lot of words and how to spell them) is to take as much advantage of these multiplier spaces as possible, and to prevent your opponent from doing likewise.  Everybody knows how to play Scrabble, but it’s not like you see a lot of people whipping it out on the subway or when they’re supposed to be paying attention in business meetings.
The beauty of the game lies in the way it connects opponents.  You can play anyone else on the network (one of the results of Zynga acquiring the game from Newtoy is that now Android users can now play with iPhone users and vice-versa) if you know their user name or can search by email address.  Scrabble-type games existed before this, but WWF cuts through the submenus and options clutter to push you and your opponent’s moves quickly.  You can have multiple games going at once with one or several opponents, committing all your tiles for your turn and getting the phone back in your pocket with a minimum of effort.  All plays are checked against the on-board library, so there’s none of the social engineering that makes Scrabble fun for budding con-artists, and you can keep shuffling tiles around and submitting them until the library finally accepts one and sends it.
Personally, my only complaints about the game are the fact that no player stats are available and your game history is limited, and that there is no penalty for bombarding the library until you blindly come up with a word like “glime”.  There is no solitaire version, although you can set it to pass-and-play, in which you take turns with an opponent using the same phone (great for fast play, and to make sure your opponent isn’t looking things up).  There are tons of cheat sites and apps available for people to suddenly seem brilliant at Scrabble, but there is no way to prevent that other than choosing better friends.
The game comes in free version supported by ads, and an ad-free pay version ($3.99).  The ads come after your turn, and the game is certainly enjoyable even with the inconvenience of advertising, but I do prefer the uncluttered pay version.


Words With Friends is Zynga, creators of uber popular Farmville and the likes on Facebook, brings much anticipated iOS crossover game initially demoed on Motorola XOOM tablet. Right off I must admit it disappoints expectations as it is very glitchy, meaning if you are playing more than one opponent words on the game board mixes totally throwing you off… here’s an example. Another popular game like this which does a much better job is Wordfeud. Unlike this game Words With Friends is missing handy feature to “Shuffle” the words which tend to jog recognition of possible word combinations (you have to shuffle yourself).

Fun Factor & Addictive:

Aside of the gripes, online multi-player Scrabble-like games like this are hugely successful and addictive. You can play at your own pace, even set notifications to alert you when it’s your turn (but the feature could use some work). You can play random boards even against random players, or invite your friends from your contacts list. Even play friends on iPhone and iPad!

How to Play Words With Friends:Words-with-Friends

Just like Scrabble you’re presented with letters to make words on the game board. The best strategy is to spell words that result in high scores taking advantage of Double Letter (DL), Double Word (DW), Triple Letter (TL), and Triple Word (TW) squares. The blank space is a bonus piece, when you lay it down you have the option to choose any letter. Tip: Double-tap the game board to zoom in and out.

Game Board Legend:

  • DL = Double Letter
  • DW = Double Word
  • TL = Triple Letter
  • TW = Triple Word
  • Blank Space Bonus = Free Letter Choice

The graphics for this game are crisp and easy on the eyes, Zynga did a good job on this as it beats out a lot of other scrabble games with the look and feel. Things took a turn for the worse when they changed the rules of scrabble, they also have changed the board around making it bigger and all of the bonus tiles have been scrambled. A couple other rule changes you should know as well, the first play doesn’t get a double score, in words with friends you have unlimited attempts at making a word.

So with all the rules changed and the board changed, for scrabble lovers its kind of an insult. Some other features good, bad and indifferent:

Nice to be able to invite your contacts list to a game.

No leaderboard, no records, no scores. 

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