Updates for Google’s Android seem to be quite bountiful but when it comes to hardware manufacturers actually pushing these updates to their phones it becomes much less frequent. Luckily, many different manufacturers are picking up the pace quite a bit with many different smartphones on the market getting updated to at least Google’s Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2. Currently, only a few different smartphones are running Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 but it seems that’s quickly changing as well.


In fact, reports have begun surfacing today that say the Motorola DROID X for Verizon Wireless has begun receiving the Android 2.3 update. According to these reports, the update is being rolled out so if you haven’t noticed the update on your phone just yet sit tight. As for those of you who are recieving the update, let us know how everything is going in the Gingerbread world.

One thing to make note of, however, is that reports suggest those who have rooted their device and installed an unofficial build of Android 2.3 are not receiving the official update. Have you noticed any problems if you’ve got a rooted devices? Let us know.


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