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Amazon responds to game developer controversy: nothing to see here

The International Game Developers Association sent out a warning this week to Android game developers, warning them that the Amazon App Store for Android presented some problems that might make them want to reconsider selling their wares in Amazon’s market. “The IGDA has significant concerns about Amazon’s current Appstore distribution terms and the negative impact they may have on the game development community,” the organization warned.

Amazon has responded to the budding controversy by nipping it in the bud. On the Amazon Appstore Developer Blog, the retailer clarified that the terms that led to IDGA’s complaints were actually an old draft of the terms that Amazon has since abandoned. The terms viewed online in plain HTML were “outdated” and didn’t reflect the new terms available in a PDF version. Amazon has since rectified the problem by making both documents show the same information, neither of which includes the worrisome text about app store pricing.

The IGDA previously complained that the Amazon Market made unreasonable demands on developers. Among the complaints:

  • Amazon reserved the right to give the developer only 20% of its minimum list price
  • Amazon demanded that developers maintain similar pricing as what’s available in other stores. So if a $5 game went on sale for $1.99 in the Android Market, that price would have to be $1.99 in the Amazon Appstore – forever.
  • Amazon could offer premium apps at steep discounts (or even free) for the promotion of the store and at the detriment to many developers who may not recoup the money in lost sales.

These were all major concerns that IGDA was right to bring attention to. Amazon claims that it updated the terms in November, so the controversy seems to be over. At least until we discover something else troubling in the developer distribution agreement.

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Wi-Fi only XOOM on sale March 27 for $599

xoom wifi

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) announced this week that its XOOM will now have a Wi-Fi edition in the U.S. beginning March 27. Some of the retailers offering the 10.1-inch HD tablet powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb include Amazon, Best Buy, RadioShack, Costco, Staples, Walmart, and some Sam’s Club locations. The 32 GB tablet has an MSRP of $599.

“Motorola XOOM is a truly innovative tablet – its design, coupled with being the first tablet to have Android 3.0, results in a user experience that is one-of-a-kind,” said Dan Papalia, vice president of retail sales for Motorola Mobility. “We are now continuing to expand the choices available to consumers with the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi to be available soon from numerous leading retailers in the United States.”

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Motorola fans are all kinds of excited for the XOOM when it was released February 24 and now that the tablet will be partnered with a Wi-Fi connection, they’re even giddier. The XOOM is still the only tablet to work off of the Honeycomb OS.

According to a statement, the XOOM showcases the innovations of the Honeycomb user experience – including widgets, true multi-tasking, browsing, notifications and customization – on a 10.1-inch widescreen HD display, enabling video content that’s richer and clearer than ever before. With a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, Motorola XOOM delivers exceptionally fast web-browsing performance.

The latest Google Mobile services include Google Maps 5.0™ with 3D interaction and access to more than 3 million Google eBooks and apps from Android Market™. The XOOM also supports a Beta of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2 downloadable from Android Market, enabling the delivery of rich Flash based web content including videos, casual games and rich Internet applications.


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Angry Birds Rio for Android to Launch as Amazon Exclusive

Angry Birds

Rovio, the developer behind the wildly successful Angry Birds franchise, announced on Monday that its forthcoming Android title Angry Birds Rio for Android will launch exclusively in the Amazon Appstore. Amazon announced in January that its app store, which will rival Google’s own Android Market on the Android platform, was open for developer submissions. The exclusive deal with Rovio marks Amazon’s first major coup in the space, as the title is expected to be a wildly popular game for Android. “The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth, and it’s great that new avenues for app distribution are opening up,” said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed in a statement. “The openness of the Android platform works for the benefit of consumers and developers alike. It has been delightful to team up with Amazon to bring the Angry Birds franchise to this great new application marketplace.” Rovio also announced that ad-free versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons will be available for the first time on the Android platform exclusively through the Amazon Appstore. Hit the break for the full press release.

Angry Birds Rio for Android to Debut Exclusively in the Amazon Appstore

AUSTIN, Texas/ESPOO, Finland – March 14, 2011 – Rovio today announced that the highly anticipated game Angry Birds Rio will be introduced for the Android platform exclusively in the Amazon Appstore. Developed in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox, Angry Birds Rio features the animated stars of the studio’s upcoming motion picture, RIO. Additionally, for the first time ever on the Android platform, fans of Angry Birds games will have the opportunity to purchase and download ad-free versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. Both will debut only in the Amazon Appstore.

“The Android platform has seen phenomenal growth, and it’s great that new avenues for app distribution are opening up,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “The openness of the Android platform works for the benefit of consumers and developers alike. It has been delightful to team up with Amazon to bring the Angry Birds franchise to this great new application marketplace.”

“Amazon is thrilled to work with a leading developer like Rovio in offering our customers Angry Birds Rio for Android exclusively in the Amazon Appstore,” said Aaron Rubenson, category leader for Amazon Appstore. “We think Angry Birds Rio is sure to be an instant customer favorite.”

“Angry Birds Rio is a fun and interactive way to introduce millions of fans to the exciting world of ‘RIO,’ and we are proud to work with both Rovio and Amazon to make this experience available to users on the Android platform,” said Peter Levinsohn, president of new media and digital distribution for Twentieth Century Fox. “The Amazon Appstore will be a great new way for consumers to download all their favorite Android apps, and we’re excited to offer Angry Birds Rio as one of the first pieces of content to be made available to consumers through this new store.”

In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the upcoming Fox motion picture, RIO. From the creators of Fox’s blockbuster ICE AGE motion picture franchise, RIO debuts in theaters worldwide on April 15, 2011. Angry Birds Rio will launch with 60 dedicated levels, with more content to follow via app updates.

Angry Birds Rio will be available for download on Android phones and tablets at

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