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What Is Hogging Your Storage With DiskUsage for Android

Diskusage What is DiskUsage:
It is a way to find memory hogs on storage card using graphical representation of directories/subdirectories/files proportional to their size on storage card.
If you already use Market version of DiskUsage app you may probably wanted to have access to your system and data partition on your rooted device. That’s exactly the feature I’m currently working on. It works on my own device, but I am looking for wider testing before releasing the update to market. I thought the xda-developers is just right audience for this.
What supposed to work:

  • Scan and display directory trees for the system partitions, like /data, /system…

What doesn’t work:

  • No integration with root explorer or whatever program people use to display system/hidden directories.
  • Can’t delete files on /system, /data or any other storage inaccessible to ordinary apps.

Purpose of this release:

  • Find possible differences in ‘su’ implementations in the wild and support them if possible.
  • Find out what apps people use to explore the system partition. Currently I use ‘Astro’, but there is no standard way AFAIK to open installed filemanager.

Please send you comments, stacktraces of errors as personal messages, what filemanagers you use to explore system and data. Thanks.
3.0alpha2: slightly better diagnostics and finding ‘su’ and ‘chmod’ binaries.

Download Diskusage-3.0alpha2.apk


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HopDice for Android

hd2 (xda News)If you like puzzle games, this may be of your liking. XDA member dmarcato presents HopDice for Android devices, inspired by “enDice” from Ozzie Mercado. Solve each puzzle by moving the dice in the holes, many levels to try are available on this first beta version to keep your mind busy. Featuring light and clear interface, 31 game levels, background music, sound effects and different kind of dices, just to mention some. The game can be found for free on the market.
The developer is open to suggestions, so your feedback is much appreciated.

Originally posted by dmarcato
HopDice is a puzzle dice game where you have to move the dice into each hole using all moves available (which are indicated by the dots amount).
There are several kind of dice and levels that will keep your mind busy for a lot of time!

– Light and clear interface
– 31 levels (more coming soon)
– Nice background music and sound effects
– Different kind of dice, currently there are 4, but other are coming!
– OpenFeint integration, submit your score online to challenge other players around the world and unlock achievements!
– Hours of entertainment!

Coming soon:
– Medium and Hard level sets
– Extra online sets, also with daily levels!
– New kind of dice
– Graphics themes
– Level editor: create and share your own level!



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Where to Start? – Full Android Guide for Beginners

android-tweak-20110201162950 Ok, so you are new on the Android operating system and sure you are dying to get your hands on your device and start tweaking/customizing, but where to start?. XDA Moderator timmymarsh wrote a complete thread containing links to the most important topics around Android Software and Hacking in General. You will find titles well organized by categories such as removing key-guard password policy, how to publish app inventor apps in the market, over-clocking your android msm7k device, how to flash a ROM without an SD Card and how to unroot android devices, amongst many more. The guide includes a big collection of themes, icons, games and apps as well. All you need to get your device the way you like it!
Be warned, you need at least 10 posts to access to the original thread.

Originally posted by timmymarsh
[REF] NEW Android “Sticky” Thread | Read Before Posting | Leave Sticky Requests Here.

This thread will list and link to all threads worthy of being “stickied”, it will be the only sticky in the forum (bar one) so please dont ask.

Please leave your suggestions for new threads to be added to this list below and a moderator will attend to this as and when necessary.
This thread will be cleaned once the suggestions have been added, so please dont be offended if your post disappears.
Ok Guys,

Sticky Roll up now up and running. Please leave suggestions for “stickies” here.
Many thanks for your help and support.

Read and search before posting a new thread

Continue to the reference thread.


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Honeycomb Live Wallpaper In HD

CAP201103042252-238x142 If you’re a fan of Live WallPaper, you might want to try out this clean design in HD by XDA forum members nemuro and xaffron.

Honeycomb LWP supports all types of resolutions and even supports legacy phones such as the original G1. The LWP also supports tablets from version 1.04 onwards.

There are three distinct modes to play called Racing Flares, Lightning Strikes (tap the screen to provoke lightning) and Electric Sparks. Customisable features include framerate, trail length, colours.

Honeycomb LWP is available in a free version where special modes last for a limited time after each time they are applied, however there is no limit to the number of times that they can be re-enabled.


  • HD Look
  • Supports all types of resolutions: LDPI, MDPI and HDPI and even supports legacy phones ( G1, MyTouch and similar ) + tablet support since version 1.04
  • Three distinct modes for you to play with (Racing Flares, Lightning Strikes and Electric Sparks)
  • Customizable framerate to suit the processing power of your phone
  • Customizable trail length, colors and frequency
  • On Lightning Strikes mode, tap the screen to provoke a lightning
  • Low battery drain in comparison to other live wallpapers (-6 to -10mA drain. Very little, I tell you.)

For more information and to download the apk, head on over to the application thread. Or get it from the market.


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Google Maps 5.1 for Android is Out

screen1 In case you haven´t noticed or if you have your application updates set to manual on your Android device, XDA member Omnichron told us about the latest update for Google Maps. Version 5.1.0 features check in at places with Google Latitude to let your friends know that you’re there, get automatically checked out when you leave and turn on automatic check-ins at places you choose or check-in notifications in Latitude’s settings. The well known application also includes free Navigation, voice-guided GPS navigation system, find places with Hotspot, rate, and get recommendations for places, and Latitude, which allows you to see friends on the map and check in at places.
Get it for free on the market. (News from

Originally posted by Omnichron
Google Maps 5.1 is out

don’t know where to post this. It is the latest from Google.
Get Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Places with Hotpot, and Latitude

*Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
*Places with Hotpot: Find, rate, and get recommendations for places
*Latitude: See friends on the map and check in at places

Keywords: Google Maps, Navigation, Places, Hotpot, Latitude, directions

Recent changes:
* Check in at places with Google Latitude to let friends know you’re there.
* Get automatically checked out when you leave.
* Turn on automatic check-ins at places you choose or check-in notifications in Latitude’s settings.

Latest version: 5.1.0 (for all Android versions)

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Gingerbread Keyboard Tweaked For Atrix

atrix_stock_gb_keyboard_port Fancy trying out the Gingerbread keyboard on your Motorola Atrix? Well now you can, thanks to XDA forum member uskr.

You’ll need to have a deodexed system to use this stock Gingerbread keyboard on your Atrix. It is taken from the Nexus S ROM and is not a themed keyboard. However, the keyboard is tweaked for the Atrix screen resolution, and has bigger letters on the keys. Additionally, the landscape version provides more space for the input form.

The XDA member has provided full instruction on how to install the modified keyboard – so, for more information and to download the files, head on over to the forum thread.

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