Memory Booster

1. What does Memory Booster do?

A: Memory Booster helps your smartphone run at optimum speed by efficiently defragmenting your smartphone’s memory, recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved application, flushing unused libraries temporarily out to disk and so on.

2. If the booster clears the memory automatically, what happens to the app you are in at the time? Would it impact the GPS or some other core feature?

A: By smartly analyzing your mobile system, Memory Booster only kills idle user applications and will not kill system core services. Memory Booster also provide ‘Whitelist Manager’ options from which you can protect your favorite tasks from being killed.

3. What happens if you have the booster set to clear memory below a certain level, and not enough gets cleared to return above the level? Does it continue to clear, over and over, until the memory is free?

A: Memory Booster will keep boosting the memory at interval until free memory reaches the level set.

4.Purchasing issue:

Memory Booster is a registration key-required application. After the purchase, users get an email with the latest version download link and a registration code. Users also enjoy a lifetime free update.



1. What does Blink do?

A: Blink extends your default Android LED alert system and allows you to customize LED color for SMS/MMS, Incoming Call and Missed Call (more functions will be added soon). By customizing the LED colors (12 colors available) and frequency in your way, you will never miss an alert again while Blink will keep the LED flashing alerts for you.

2. Blink does not work on my HTC hero, what can I do?

A: The reason for Blink’s dysfunction on HTC Hero is that the current HERO phone hardware does not support various LED colors. We regret for this issue and we are as anxious as our users for the release of HTC’s ROM fix.

3. Motorola BackFlip: “This application comes from an unknown source, and for your security only applications from trusted sources can be installed”

This is a common questions faced by AT&T Android users. To resolve this issue, be sure to learn how to sideload non-android market applications to your device:

4. Blink doesn’t work on Motorola Droid?

We have taken full tests on Motorola Droid and Blink works fine. To let Blink work, please make sure:

1) Blink is on. “Blink is on” notice appears at the bottom of each page. Make sure it shows “Blink is on” before you customize your LED;

2) Screen is off. As many users have noticed, to save the device’s battery life, Motorola Droid 2.1 disables the LED function when screen is on. Blink only works when your screen is off. Likewise you can’t preview the colors because the LED does not work when the screen is on.

5. LED frequency function does not work…or other questions?

A: Blink is a bran-new application with a lot of flaws. Currently we are making great effort to improve Blink’s properties. We will keep FAQ updated each time when we figure out a solution for Blink’s negative behaviors. We appreciate all your feedbacks and suggestions in solving these problems.


Startup Manager

From Startup Manager version 2.3, both rooted and unrooted phones are supported.

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