Let’s be honest – many mobile phone batteries simply aren’t fit for purpose. Even Google’s Larry Page says you should be grateful if your Android battery lasts a day. if you don’t get an entire day’s worth of juice, then there’s something seriously wrong. So what can be done, practically speaking, to make your Android phone’s battery last longer? And can any of the power-management apps actually help? Here we’ll look at the more obvious Android battery-saving solutions, as well as the more obscure tips and tricks that could make a genuine difference – and add hours to your potential operational ‘up time’. Battery Booster by is a powerful tool for saving battery.

Our Solution

Battery Booster
Android RAM Optimizer to Speed Up Your Smartphone!

Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android smartphone (with Homescreen Widget Support). Based on system specifications, Battery Booster provides the most accurate information on your battery charge, which includes the real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage, etc. An auto-updating live chart allows you to visually track your battery usage. Please follow the link below to download the Battery Booster – for free.


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