HTC evo 4g memory problem


HTC evo 4g memory problem : HTC EVO 4G Memory Cards allow you to store music, mp3s, videos, and much more. Perfect for storing all your digital files....

For those that have been waiting to purchase HTC Evo 4G smartphone, you may be interested on this piece of news. Just before its official launching this weekend, some early users, especially those that have gotten their gadgets during developer conference two weeks ago have experienced some glitch or issues related to its 8GB SD card bundled with the phone package.

The scenario happened when the users tried to save captured photos into its external storage in SD card which lead to “insufficient permissions” error displayed on its screen. And to certain extend, some users did realize that their Evo 4G cannot access the SD card storage at all. HTC Evo 4G is the first Android based flagship smartphone that will be brought to US market by Sprint carrier by June 4th. Unfortunately, the issue has just been spotted few days before its official launch that will definitely need some quick resolution before mass shipment out to consumers.

The root cause is still unknown but it seems that recycling the power sequence or switching the card out helped to eliminate the phenomenon. Some did point the finger to the ‘defective’ batch memory card manufactured by Sandisk but it is likelihood that the issue could be due to software glitch that can be easily be fixed with necessary software updates without any hardware tweak.

Both HTC and Sprint spokesperson acknowledged the issues and is currently testing some resolution that is expected to be available soon with OTA (On-the-air) updates automatically pushed to the smartphones.

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