Android sync error


Android sync error: Android sync error solution illustrates what is android verifyerror, how to remove or fix android verifyerror, its free download and reinstallation.

What is Android sync error?

it started from using MyBackup- I had grabbed the contacts from the SD card after a backup, and then tried to do a gmail sync.. then i got that error.

Basically, it wiped out my gmail contacts and now i can't sync with gmail anymore.

I never figured out a solution- luckily i only have about 20 contacts.. so here's what im gonna do:

1) Enter all my 20 contacts back into gmail BY HAND from my desktop.

2) Save another, new Backup.

3) Factory reset

4) Restore phone using MYBackup but DONT select contacts... just everything else.

5) Sync contacts on newly reset and restored phone with gmail and hope those hand-entered contacts sync over.

Basically, if you try to restore your phone with contacts off the SD from mybackup, and then sync to gmail, you could run into a disaster.

This isnt very clear in the app- they just say "dont use both" without telling you exact what that means or what your're supposed to do- I didnt really get what they were saying until it was too late, and ive seen a few people who did the same thing.

Hope you didnt lose too many contacts.. they should at least still be on the SD card.

I'm opting for going with Gmail Sync for contact restore rather than MyBackup.. at least on gmail I can export the contacts and save them on my harddrive. I'd rather have my contacts saved in the cloud than on one physical SD card that could get lost or damaged.

Our Solution

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