Network error android


Network error android :Error is the superclass of all classes that represent unrecoverable errors.Network error android solution illustrates what is Network error android, how to remove or fix Network error android, its free download and reinstallation.

What is Network error android?
So I just got a myTouch 3g Slide mobile phone, but for some reason every time I go on the android market,
it says "A network error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen."
I did click retry by the way..

I'm prepaid on Optus, and have plenty of data.
All other apps work, like browser, youtube, emails..
Only market isn't working. I got past the terms of service page, but it won't load the applications page. I get get the nerwork error.

Our solution

startupmanagerStartup Manager (Free)
Clean up your android system from system startup!

DownloadAndroid.Info suggests that its latest Android operating system cleaner, called Startup Manager, will be able to manage all Android's startup entries, thus speeding up the booting time. Moreover, Startup Manager is free and can be installed through the Android Market if you have associated a Gmail account to your smartphone, or directly on the website. Please follow the link below to download the Startup Manager- for free.

android free app

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