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Aspb shell 3d download: It’s been long time since we have seen the SPB Mobile Shell Android which never become available on Android Market for general user, only a few people got their hands on SPB Mobile Shell Android 5.0 (hands on video) through the beta program. Finally SPB introduce a new Home replacement Launcher app on Android Market called SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. With some sleek Animations (including weather and world clock widget) SPB 3D Shell look awesome.

Though the new SPB 3D Shell is a cool thing show off your Andorid Smartphone, it’s too expensive $14.95 to spend only for a Launcher app. Hopefully the price will go down soon like we saw before for other expensive app sales very slow.

SPB 3D Shell for Android features:
3D Home screen/launcher
Smart folders
3D widgets
Collection of panels and widgets
Note: Live wallpapers are not supported and HTC Thunderbolt users: there is a chance of black screen on app launch.

SPB Shell 3D was developed for Android by SPB Software
Package name : com.spb.shell3d.apk
File size: 9.1MB

Please follow the link below to read more about spb shell 3d download.


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