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Galaxy s froyo: Android 2.2, or "Froyo," is now available for the Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S smartphone from U.S. Cellular. The update includes Flash 10.1 and improved tethering.

Downloadandroid blog offers Galaxy s froyo latest update information with download link. Froyo leaks are coming out of the woodwork, and next up is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.  Some friendly Samsung hackers in Amsterdam got ahold of the leak and are hard at work getting it ready for download.  Hopefully, they’re in a quaint coffee Shoppe un-watermarking and prepping things and not locked away in some harshly lit basement :)

The Samsung Mesmerize from carrier U.S. Cellular is the latest Galaxy S smartphone to receive an OS update to Android 2.2, or "Froyo." It follows Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G smartphones, as well as its Galaxy Tab, which began receiving over-the-air updates March 21, according to Wireless and Mobile News.

The Froyo upgrade for the Mesmerize includes changes to the phone's Microsoft Exchange support, home screen, backup capabilities and other daily and not so daily uses.

A major new boost is support for Adobe's Flash Player 10.1, which enables users to access video and games on the Web. Android devices' support of Flash, a feature that their Apple-made counterparts don't share. David Pogue, reviewing the iPad for The New York Times last year, complained that, due to its lack of Flash, when using the Internet, users came across white boxes where video or animations should be.

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