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Android best widgets: Get Android best widgets, More then 100 best android widgets all at one place! offers a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application with beautiful widget.

There are various options how you can get best android widgets, one option is to download the android widgets from market and the other is use the ones you can download online for free or the ones which comes already with your mobile phone itself.
There are literary hundreds if not thousands of android widgets on market and this sure is the next big thing for everyone and in the same time also gold rush for android widget developers.

However there are few things you should know before getting your best android widgets:
- Some of the android widgets are literary resource hogs what will sometimes even freeze your device
- Battery life reduction,Yes! If you have some important call to receive better don’t run those huge resource eating widgets or it will drain your battery in matter of minutes
- Bandwidth- some of the best android widgets uses a lot of traffic so if you are on a Paid Plan for your bandwidth you better check double how much it’s actually costing you to run those widgets!

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  • This Beautiful Widgets app for Android contains two main widgets for the initial clock that shows up on the front of the screen so you can make your phone interface look a lot like that of the HTC Sense
  • The two main sizes of clocks that are available for you to put up on your phone are the 4 x 2 and also the 4 x 1 so you can pick which one will suit your personality the best
  • You can also get a main widget that has to do with the weather.  This part of the app is great because you can see cool little animations of what the weather should be like in your area and you can also get a four day forecast on the phone to be able to see individual sets of highs and lows for each day of the week.  You will also be able to see the current temperature in the area
  • You can also customize it by setting the 12/24 hour format as well as figuring out which temperature gauging units you would like to use; fahrenheit or celsius
  • You can also get some quick widget settings that include the likes of Bluetooth, Wifi, vibrate, brightness, airplane, GPS, silent and much more

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