Android Sensor Box – Ultimate Diagnostic Tool

Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box 
Ultimate Diagnosis and Demonstration of the Android Sensors

Category: Utility
Platform: Android
Release: v1.5 (Last updated: Aug. 31, 2012)
Price: Free
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Android Sensor Box detects all available sensors on your Android device, and vividly shows you how they work with amazing graphics. Android Sensor Box also tells you which sensors are supported by the hardware, and provides extremely useful sensor tools that could be used in our daily life.

Android Sensor Box only detects changes. It may not show the correct temperature, proximity, light and pressure values if no changes occur.

Sensors included:
Gyroscope Sensor

Gyroscope sensor can measure six directions at a time. You will be able to see the effects immediately by rotating your phone slightly. Now Gyroscope sensor is mostly used in 3D game development, and possibly indoor navigation in future.

Light Sensor

Light sensor is applied to detect the light intensity of the environment, and then adjusts screen brightness and determines whether to turn off the keyboard light. Test the effect by putting your phone in dark place and retrieving it.

Orientation Sensor

Orientation sensor is applied to detect direction status of the device, i.e. auto rotate screen when device is rotated horizontally. It can also be used as measure equipment like Spirit Level.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor measures the distance between two objects, usually the device screen and our hands/face etc. Test the effect by moving your hand forward and backward in front of the device in Android Sensor Box.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor provides information about your device temperature, thus you can take action when the temp is too low or high.

Accelerometer Sensor

Accelerometer sensor is applied to detect device directions, i.e. auto rotate screen when the device is rotated vertically. It is also widely used in game development.


Sound detects the sound intensity around you and provides you detailed information about the intensity changes.

Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field is used in many areas like metal detection and compass, which bring us lot convenience in our life.


Pressure is used to detect environmental pressure, thus to forecast weather and temperature.

For better performances, sensors are usually used together. Check out the live demonstration inside the application!


Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box
Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box
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