All-In-One Toolbox- 29 Features Optimizing Android System!

512X512-714 All-In-One Toolbox
 29 Features Optimizing Android System to Run at Optimum Speed!

Category: Utility
Platform: Android
Release: v5.1.6 (Last updated: April 7, 2015)
Price: Free

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All-In-One Toolbox provides comprehensive system optimizing techniques, including real-time memory info, one click memory quick boosting, task killer, cache cleaner, history cleaner, and SD file manager etc. It embraces all factors that matter to device performance, and helps to optimize your device to run at optimum speed.

Product features:

1. Apk Cleaner
2. Backup & Restore
3.Other minor enhancements
4. Memory status report(RAM, ROM, SD Card memory and CPU)
5. System information
6. One-click task killer
7. Cache cleaner
8. History cleaner(clipboard, browser, Market, Gmail search, Google Maps, Google Earth history)
9. Call log and messages cleaner
10. SD Card temporary file cleaner
11. App to SD Card
12. SD Card file manager
13. Batch installer
14. Batch uninstaller
15. Startup manager
16. Add app to startup
17. Homescreen widget
18. Quick Settings plugin
19. Volume Settings plugin
20. Timer Plugin
21. AppLock Plugin
22. Sensor Box Plugin
23. Permission Check Plugin
24. Ad Detect Plugin
25. Flashlight Plugin
26. Compass Plugin
27. QR and Barcode Scanner
28. Uninstall of preinstalled system apps
29. Zip and unzip


*Simple and interactive user interface
*Tweak all system optimizing features at ease

*Embrace all system optimizing techniques
*Comprehensive one-click optimization

Free of charge


V5.1.6 (April 7, 2015)

– Add Clean Empty Folder feature to Clean
– Fixed S5 silent boot issue
– Modify and complete Italian translation (Marcello Panico)
– Complete Dutch translation (Peter De Herdt)
– Complete Turkish translation  (Gtabeş Hastası)
– Complete French transaltion (Johan Jaworski)
– Improve UE (click Menu button will open AIO Toolbox Settings)
– Fixed crash issues

V5.1.1.3(Jan 9, 2015)

– Complete Croatian Language translation
– Modify Polish translation
– Fix crash issues from previous version

V5.1.1.1(Jan 6, 2015)

– Optimize UI
– Complete German translation (Ben Acururek ) 
– Complete Persian translation (Farhad vn)
– Complete Russian translation
– Complete French translation (Firman Tamka)
– Complete Vietnamese translation
– Complete Slovak translation (Marek Hevier)
– Complete Hungarian translation (Bela Toth)
– Fix crash issues
– Other improvements

V5.1.1 (Dec 23, 2014)

– Add delete option to Restore feature (Delete is at the left bottom on Restore page)
– Add Send feature to Backup and Restore (Click items on Restore page you will find)
– Add “Backup newly installed app” reminder
– Complete translation of Arabic, Albanian, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese
– Fix other issues reported by users
– Optimize UI
– Other minor improvements

V5.1.0 (Dec 5, 2014)

– Add password clean feature for saved wifi to Clean-Advanced Clean
– Add Bluetooth file delete feature
– Add Applock option to Clean-Advanced Clean (click 3 dots at right)
– Add explanation to advanced clean feature (contents to be cleaned)
– Add Auto features to Settings
– Add SD card size to Settings-SD Card path
– Other improvements

V5.0.9 (Nov 24, 2014)

– Add plugin widgets to All-In-One Toolbox Customizable widget
– Add Search option to File Manager (Click the 3 dots at the top right corner of File Manager, you will find the option)
– Count number of files contained in the files
– Complete Arabic translation by Hayder KP
– Change Notification bar color
– Fixed "whitelist item get removed" issue
– Other improvements

V5.0.8 (Nov 11, 2014)

– Add Vietnamese language support
– Complete Hindi language (Abhimanyu)
– Complete Persian translation ( Hosein Asadbeigi)
– Complete French translation (Johan Jaworski)
– Fix some issues reported by users
– Other minor improvements

V5.0.7 (Oct 10, 2014)

– Add white list for Temp File Clean, APK Clean and Leftovers (Press items on the Clean page, you will find the Add to Whitelist option, please re-add the leftover items to white list if you did it on v5.0.6)
– Optimize Leftover database
– Add Macedonian language
– Fix other issues reported
– Other improvements

V5.0.6 (Sep 17, 2014)

– Add white list to Leftover clean (Please double check leftover items before deleting, if items you
don’t want to delete are on the list, please press the item and add to whitelist)
– Improve Turkish
– Improve Dutch
– Modify German (Tim Long)
– Add Slovak Language
– Fix bugs
– Other improvements

V4.4.2 (May 20, 2014)

– Fix System App Uninstall crash issue
– Fix History Clean stuck issue
– Fix Quick Boost shortcut missing issue
– Other improvements

V4.4 (Apr 3, 2014)

– Optimize Batch Install/Uninstall, Backup and Restore features for root users (Users don’t need to confirm one by one)
– Optimize the App Leftover feature, more app leftovers can be detected
– Fix other reported issues and crashes
– Add Hebrew language support (ziv simchoni)
– Add Albanian language support (Bujar Tafili)
– Complete Spanish translation (Dany Fernández Díaz)
– Complete Korean translation (Somi)
– Complete Japanese translation

V4.3.1(Mar 19, 2014)

– Add One key clean feature (at the bottom of Tools page)
– Add GameBooster Plugin
– Reshuffle About page
– Complete Indonesian language
– Complete Greek language (byΙωαννης Μαρκακης)
– Complete Croatian language (Vedran Kosta)
– Complete French language (Johan Jaworski)
– Other optimizations

V4.2(Feb 25, 2014)

– Optimize SD card scanning speed
– Fix "Browser history can not cleaned issue" on some deivces
– Fix cache scan freeze issue
– Add Croatian language support (By Vedry Vedric)
– Add Persian language support (By Peyman Es)
– Complete Korean language
– Complete Russian translation (By Karpov Aleksey)
– Complete Japanese translation
– Fix does not recognize the 64GB SD card issue on some devices
– Other optimization

V4.1(Dec 3, 2013)

– Reshuffle Tools page (5 tabs changed to 4 for better navigation)
– Add Encrypt option to zip and unzip feature in File Manager
– Optimize AppLock Plugin and Permission Check feature
– Fix incorrect startup time issue
– Fixed other issues

V4.0(Nov 13, 2013)

– Restructure Settings for better navigation
– Add optimize notification (when there are junk files to be removed, apps to be moved to SD card etc, there will be notification, and red spots to remind users)
– Add extract RAR file feature to File Manager
– Add Italian language support to the app (By Bruno Lostia)
– Optimize the UI
– Other enhancements

V3.9(Oct 21, 2013)

– Add uninstall preinstalled idle system apps feature to APK Manager (For rooted devices only)
– Add zip and unzip feature to File Manager (Long press a folder/file, you can find the option)
– Add Search file/folder feature to File Manager(Click Menu)
– Fix other issues reported

V3.8(Sep 22, 2013)

– Add customizable widget, and widget for plugins are included
– Add Chrome History and Downloads History clean to History Cleaner
– Optimize Cache Cleaner, accelerate the loading speed
– Fix some crash issue
– Add Serbian language support (Aleksandar Bencun)
– Complete Japanese translation (Tatsuya)
– Complete Russian translation (Aleksey Karpov)
– Complete Dutch translation (Gürol Celiktas)
– Complete French translation (Johan)
– Complete Polish translation (Damian Salamon )
– Complete Portuguese translation (César)
– Complete Indonesian translation (Andre)
– Complete Hungarian translation (Kósa Lajos )
– Complete German translation (Marc Winter)
– Complete Arabic translation (Mohamad Alibrik)

V3.7.1(Sep 2, 2013)

– Add QR and Barcode Scanner
– Add App Leftovers clean
– Optimize History Cleaner
– Fix bugs reported
– Other enhancements

V3.6(Aug 7, 2013)

– Add Compass Plugin
– Add Greek language support (By Βαγγέλης Παπαλουκάς)
– Accelerate SD Card Cleaner, APK Cleaner, Batch Installer
– Optimize widget
– Other enhancement

V3.5(July 25, 2013)

– Add Turkish Language support (By Mehmet Sertaç Ölmez)
– Add Macedonian Language support (By Antonio)
– Revised German language (By Marc Winter)
– Add change language option to Settings page (change the app language only)
-  Add Silent Boot option to Settings page
– Software Improvement option is added, users could collect and report bug by turning on this option

V3.4(July 2, 2013)

– Add Permission Check Plugin
– Add Sensor Box Plugin
– Add calculate system startup time option on Settings page
– Add Hungarian language support
– Other minor enhancements

V3.3(June 19, 2013)

Add separate Settings to the screen of below tools, to allow users with two SD cards to choose SD card path.

– Apk Cleaner
– SDCard Cleaner
– File Manager
– Batch Install
– Backup & Restore

Fix other reported bugs by users

V3.2(June 14, 2013)

– Add AppLock Plugin
– Add Choose SD Card Path option to Settings page (for users with two SD cards)
– Add Russian language support (By Aleksandr)
– Add Polish language support (By Damian Salamon)
– Add Hindi language support (By Naresh)
– Add Croatian language support (By Antonio)

V3.1(June 7, 2013)

– Fix the freeze issue at launch to accelerate launch speed
– Fix SD reading problem
– Optimize Timer Plugin, enables auto boost at system startup
– Other enhancements

V3.0(May 31, 2013)

– Add Timer plugin (auto features)
– Add German language support (By Walter Olleroch)
– Add Portuguese language support (By César)
– Add Romanian language support (By Mishu)
– Complete and upgrade French translation (By Johan Jaworski)
– Other functional enhancements

V2.9(May 16, 2013)

– Release All-In-One Toolbox Pro (Ad-free) version: Please activate via "Toolbox Pro Key Manager" on Plugins page
– Add Network Information
– Add FAQs to Settings page
– Improve Mac Address accuracy
– Optimize CPU feature, add CPU frequency
– Other minor enhancements

V2.8(Apr. 27, 2013)
-  Add Quick Settings plugin
-  Add Volume Settings plugin
-  Accelerate SD card cleaning speed
-  Add send APK via Bluetooth feature in File Manager
-  App2SD feature modification (Notify devices that do not support App2SD feature)
-  Fix reported force close issues.

V2.7(Apr. 10, 2013)
– Fix SD cleaning issue
– Further optimize SD card read accuracy
– Other minor enhancement

V2.6(Apr. 03, 2013)
– Quick Boost shortcut triggers quick boost instead of starting the whole app
– Improve SD card read accuracy
– Optimize UI
– Add Last Modified Date to folders in File Manager.
– Add basic Network Information to System Info
– Add Indonesian support
– Other source code enhancement

V2.5(Mar. 14, 2013)
– Fix crash issue on SD Card/Apk Cleaner & Batch Installer
– Add App2SD notification in app Settings
– Categorize cleaning items in System Cleaner
– French language improved for better understanding
– Add Quick Boost shortcut (beta)
– Fix minor bugs on Startup Manager
– Other improvements

V2.4.1(Feb. 21, 2013)
– Fix boot/restart force close issue

V2.4(Feb. 19, 2013) 
– Optimize Startup Manager Tool
– Optimize running & reacting speed
– Fix blue tooth bug for File Manager
– Add notice for White list
– Fix YouTube crash issue
– Add history clean function for YouTube
– Other minor improvement

V2.3(Jan. 29, 2013)
– Optimization, cut app size from 1.91MB to 1MB
– Correct Startup Manager app list bug
– Correct cache cleaner for Android 4.2
– Correct long-press menu for File Manager
– Change widget size to 4×1
– Fix other minor bugs

V2.2(Jan. 17, 2013)
– Added Long Press Menu
– Improved loading & tab switching speed
– Added confirm windows for batch options
– Fixed force close issue
– Extended double click interval for exit
– Added notice for app2SD for Android 2.1 and below
– Added Google analysis system

V2.1(Dec. 12, 2012)
– Fix bug: crash when refreshing Backup list
– App2SD improvement
– Other minor enhancements

V2.0(Nov. 09, 2012)
– Add new tool: Apk Cleaner to clean old/duplicate apk files
– Add new tool: Backup & Restore
– Add homescreen shortcut
– Add Spanish language support
– Other minor improvements

V1.8(Oct 19, 2012):

– SD Card Clean upgraded to clean temp/invalid/log files, thumbnails and empty folders
– Fixed bug: hanging when open from icon on notification bar 
– Japanese language improvement (thanks to Sunatomo Masuda) 
– Other minor improvements

V1.7(Oct 09, 2012):

– Add Arabic language (Thanks to Mohammed al.omar)
– Add shortcut feature for each tool (Set this from "Tools" page – long press the item name and select "create shortcut")
– Add cache clean option for each item
– UI improvement for better and easier operation

V1.6(Sep 24, 2012):

– Fixed Force Close issue on File Manager
– Add French language support(many thanks to Johan Jaworski)
– History Cleaner function optimized
– Fixed battery level refreshing issue on taskbar
– Other minor improvements

V1.5(Sep 10, 2012):
– Fix cache clean issue
– Fix blank screen on 4.0.4 devices(thanks for Tonya’s test help)
– Fix bug on adding shortcut
– Fix bug on sending attachment
– Optimize for larger screen devices (tablets)
– Other minor improvements


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