Dog Whistle – Make Your Phone be a Smart Dog Trainer

Dog Whistle Dog Whistle
Make Your Phone be a Smart Dog Trainer!
Category: Lifestyle
Platform: Android
Release: v2.2 (Last updated: Mar. 4th, 2011)
Price: USD 2.99

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"A good product should convey a loving heart, rather than just showing a technical breakthrough."
Danny Lau (刘宇轩), the developer from DownloadAndroid Inc., was born and educated in Tianshui city, Gansu province, China. Diligent and optimistic, Lau has already developed many well recognized products including Dog Whistle and Music Therapy for Sound Sleep, which have won great popularity (Over 350,000 Downloads) on Android Market. This young and promising programmer will keep the hard work and offer more benefits to the broadest range of customers.

You may not be able to hear some of the high frequency whistles, but you furious friends can!

Want to train your little puppies? Want to tease your neighbors’ dogs? Or simply want to scare away the fierce ones? Dog Whistle is born to cater for such needs.

Dogs can hear sounds of high frequency which are hardly perceived by human ears. By simply adjusting sound frequency you can make the dog react your way. Dog Whistle is like a silent helper in training your puppies without disturbing people, as well as generating shrill sounds to scare away those wild ones ready to bite you.


What’s new in Dog Whistle Lite v2.2:

– More comprehensive sound patterns added,
providing more order choices via different oscillations

– Other minor improvement


What’s the theory behind Dog Whistle?

A pure tone is much easier than verbal commands to be distinguished by dogs.

Dogs have much better hearing than humans do. They are especially sensitive to high frequent sounds which are hardly heard ordinarily. The first step to train a dog is to catch his attention. With sounds set to a high frequency you can easily seize a dog’s attention, thus your training begins. The sound is a sign of your command, be it "sit down" or "give paw".

Also, such a high frequent sound will not disturb nearby people because most of them are not able to hear it.

How does Dog Whistle helps you in training your dogs?

Dog Whistle makes a solid assistance with easy operating and reliable sounds generating. You can manually adjust the frequency with "frequency" slider and click "paw" to play sounds until you encounter the one your dog responses to, then this frequency will be auto-saved by one of the four "set" options provided. To save another frequency, choose another "set" option and again drag the slider.

You can frequently click the "paw" to generate clicking sounds or set continuous sound with the settings. Various sound patterns can be used to make different commands. Just keep patient because it costs time and efforts to make a little puppy remember your commands.

– Adjustable frequency generator (0Hz to 22000Hz)
– Easy sound patterns control (manual clicking sounds or continuous sounds)
– Volume control slider
– Well-designed user interface and convenient usage
– Detailed information for a better dog training


Dog Whistle Dog Whistle Dog Whistle

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