Lucid Dream Brainwave – Dream Builder for a Subconscious Virtual World

Lucid Dream Brainwave Lucid Dream Brainwave
Dream Builder for a Subconscious Virtual World
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Platform: Android
Release: v1.5 (Last updated: Aug. 24th, 2011)
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Would you like to control your own dreams as those dream builders in the movie ‘Inception’? Have you ever had a dream that made you feel great when you woke up the next day?

Lucid Dream Brainwave could enable you to take control of your dreams with specially built Isochronic Tones. It is a stimulator that  tunes your brainwave toward the most suitable state, where your subconscious mind is awakened, imagination being most active to assist you change the virtual world around, and enjoy living out the fantasy within your head. As we spend around one third of our lives asleep, Lucid Dream Brainwave provides you a chance to live an adventure in paradise a third of your life!


New Features in Lucid Dream Brainwave:

– Full-Length track and repeat function is now available on the Free Trial Version.

– This is a Free Trial Version and you are welcome to try for a total of 7 times.

– Detailed information about The Unexplainable Store


Definition of Lucid Dream

A lucid dream, in the simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. In a lucid dream, the dreamer regains the ability to think and memorize but totally gets rid of common sense that restricts one’s true potentials. We all dream when we are asleep, but could not always recognize we are dreaming. Lucid Dream Brainwave is about to wake you up in your dream.Lucid Dream Brainwave

You might dream yourself travelling wherever you want beyond the barrier of time and space, with the only horizon being the limit of your own imagination. In your dreams, you can become a millionaire, a sports hero, a secret agent, a super star or even a romantic Casanova. To fully taste a virtual sort of life within hold, all is now depending on waking your subconscious mind when you are sleeping.

How do the four fundamental brainwaves reflect your brain state?

Delta Wave: You should be laying down comfortable and go all the way down to a deep sleep
Theta Wave: You are dreaming that not able to physically function without flaws
Alpha Wave: Very comfortable but conscious and aware
Beta Wave: Awake alert and active

How does Lucid Dream Brainwave actually work?

You only need to close your eyes when listening to the soothing sounds which will guide you to a dreamland in your awakened subconscious mind.

The different types of sleep all have a corresponding brainwave pattern associated with it. Alpha Wave is for relaxation and creativity; Theta Wave is the realm of dreams, and Delta Wave is the pattern for deep sleep. To have a lucid dream is to have your subconscious mind waken up without waking the conscious mind.

The key to Lucid Dreaming is to go through the Delta and Theta states as usual, but instead of reaching the full Alpha state, dip back into Theta before you wake. Your subconscious mind will be awakened, but your conscious mind will stay asleep as you return to your dreams. Since your subconscious mind judges that you are awake, it gives you a control of the dream world around you.

Product Features:

– Tunes your brainwave toward a state where your subconscious mind is awakened but your conscious mind is sleeping
– Enables you to control your dreams with unlimited imagination
– A headphone is not necessarily required.
– You can feel the effects within minutes.
– Well-designed and user-friendly interface
– Find more interests inside this unexplainable application!


Lucid Dream Brainwave Lucid Dream Brainwave Lucid Dream Brainwave
Lucid Dream Brainwave Lucid Dream Brainwave Lucid Dream Brainwave
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