Amazing Special Offers for Brainwaves-T.U.S® in Holiday Season!

Working in collabration with The Unexplainable Store®(http://www.unexplainablestore.com/), iMobLife Inc. officially released a powerful brainwave tuning app on both its iOS and Android platforms. With the coming of Holiday Season in 2012, iMobLife launches a 40% -50% Off Sale promotional activity for all the brainwave recordings for its app – Brainwaves – The Unexplainable Store (Renamed as Brainwaves-T.U.S® on Android).

Brainwaves – The Unexplainable Store (Brainwaves – T.U.S® for short) is an integrated brainwave app developed by iMoblife Inc. in collaboration with brainwave specialist – The Unexplainable Store®. It is a brainwave collection concerning various subjects, from Spiritual & Metaphysical, Money & Prosperity, More >