Google’s Android has seen itself installed on a massive amount of different smartphones with more hardware partners than we can keep track of. Of course, while the hardware side of things is largely locked down, Google is also pretty good at releasing new versions of the platform with the latest smartphone-centric version being Android ‘Gingerbread‘ 2.3.


While many different manufactures lag behind when it comes to getting the latest versions to their cellphones, the hacking community frequently comes forth to release either leaked or early builds giving consumers early access. The latest of such smartphones to get a leaked Android build is none other than the HTC Desire HD. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that this is an official or fiunal build instead being dubbed a leaked “test” ROM.

If that’s all fine and dandy with you, give the ROM and install and let us know how it goes but remember – proceed at our own risk. Grab the download here.


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